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We also need searchability. In a search bar vines should be displayed in rows of three so that it doesn’t take forever to find what you’re looking for


they should re add beyond the vine


Good job


what is beyond the vine? can’t seem to remember


Great Ideas. An Instant Follow button next to the Artist’s Profile would be nice. Similar to that of Instagram’s.

But, One thing abou the Swipe System. let’s say an Artist has posted 100 videos. In your discover feed or whatever you see his/her first video. Say you swipe Left, and watch another video. But you wanna go back to that video. But swiping right would take me to the artists profile, right?

So I say, let’s add this… Swiping right/left would take you to similar posts. Taping three time would bring up an overlay kind of thing to the artist’s profile (like when you swipe up to see the cover art on Apple Music or Spotify… You just swipe down that “card-like-thing” and continue seeing the video or scroll to see more videos. Also, Liking by tapping 2 times.


Update (#2): Added to top post:

  • Simple analytics for your videos/page (Stats this month, follows, likes, etc)
  • ?An official youtube channel (Not sure about this yet)
  • Keeping spot in your feed when you leave the app (Credit: @Cableson)


Do you think there should be a way to search for a specific video in the search bar?
Any thoughts on whether you should be able to name your videos? :thought_balloon:


I think the caption will kinda act like the title of your video. I persoannly think its better to have captions on short videos, and then just simple titltes on long/regular videos (Like on youtube).

However, I do think you should be able to search for the caption. Makes finding things easier


Crazy list of ideas. Keep it up :crazy_face:


What if the explore page had three things to click on

On the Rise
Suggested for You (based on what you liked, shared and/or posted)


Great ideas, I hope it get implemented


There could also be a page where all the videos posted that moment will go up. Basically every time you refresh it, it’s filled with new videos because people are uploading so many videos every second.


:hugs: Great ideas :hugs:


Question, how do you guys feel about v2 codes? Similar to snapchat codes.
I prefer just simple usernames, but what do you think? (Credits: @jaydenfuller400 and @CamGreenawalt)

(Image by Cam)


No, just keep simple username. Don’t want to complicate it.


What about adding the option to search for captions
Also, if people have a username and handle (like twitter), searching both the handle and username should lead you to their page.


I think the option to search for captions might be there. ill add the other idea to the list :slight_smile:


If there is an “explore page” and you click to watch a video, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to watch the persons other videos (maybe the 4 most popular videos) without having to go to the persons page…

I made a bad illustration of what I meant


And ability to make Likes private or public kind of like Tumblr. [quote=“DeltaDawx, post:1, topic:13053”]
Ability to make the playlist/collections private or public.


I like the idea, will look into it :stuck_out_tongue: