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Advice on making a youtube channel


Hey, I’ve seen there’s a lot of vloggers and you tubers here. So I was wondering, how did you took the first step to upload your videos? Because I have many ideas but sometimes I care too much about what other people will say.
I don’t know if I’m good enough to be on YouTube, it’s kind of aaaaa and idk in need some advice :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Well I’m not a well known YouTuber yet but some advice I can give that works for well known ppl is be consistent, and don’t stress about people not liking your content there will be fans and haters for everything you do. And most importantly, be you, that’s the best thing you can do is be original. :ok_hand:t5:

Also what’s your channel I’ll sub lol


Just go for it. All YouTubers started somewhere, just practicing will help you get better. Don’t mind what other people say about your content, just stick with it and every video your skills will increase.
I have felt that way exactly, I finally started another YouTube channel for challenges and pranks and skits recently. I am basically just doing it for experience and to get better at editing and just YouTube in general.


You just gotta do what you like and what people like to see. the number one thing is consistency. If you just upload on a frequent schedule, more people will watch. If you upload Randomly like weeks apart people will lose interest in the videos and stop watching.

Edit: what’s the channel, I’ll subscribe


My usual advice for people who want to do YouTube is don’t copy others, no one likes a copy cat, just be yourself; make content you you would want to watch; practice by yourself with the camera so you can get comfortable on video, like the saying “practice makes perfect”, which is why you can see an obvious difference between someone’s first video and their 20th.

I wish you luck!


just START, its always good to take inspiration from others but don’t try to blatantly copy them… get inspiration and remix the idea to your own taste…also START NOW

you will look bad in your first videos its a SURE thing…but you’ll definitely grow from it and learn


I haven’t upload any videos yet. Thank you so much for your words, if I make one I’ll post the user :orange_heart:
Tell me your channel, so I can suscribe


thank you so much, and you’re totally right. What’s you channel ?I’ll subscribe


Oh man that’s so convincing. Thank youyuy


Good advice, I don’t have a channel yet but if I make it. I post the username :slight_smile: thank you for the support


Hopefully you enjoy what I make lol


What application do you use for editing?


I have 2, one for music and one for other stuff. (music) (other)


I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and After Effects CC 2019.

And Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 for thumbnails.

There are a few free editing applications that are amazing and work just great for even the avid YouTuber.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is a great free program.

Also there is HitFilm Express.


If you want to not run out of ideas, I’d recommend writing 200 topics down and then just go. That’s how I come up with so many topics. I wrote down 8 topics a day on my note pad in my phone, then chose the ones I thought would be best to post. Also have it as a series such as: Malecaputo goes shopping, goes eating, goes to amusement parks etc. That way you don’t have to keep coming up with ideas. I post a netflix series podcast review every week on here. Have a format plan and then just EXECUTE.


Hey i will give you some advices.

Like it was said before consistency is the most important thing on YT. You should have a regular upload pattern like 1-3 videos per week. You should stay real and clean with yourself, don’t change because some haters don’t like your content. Continue your path and you will certainly find some People which will support your content :slight_smile:

Another advice would be, that you should not take YT that seriously. It is just a Social Network site and don’t rush yourself to produce content. Produce content only if you want to. If you want to be successful on YT, you must learn how the YT algorithm works. For now the Click Through Rate (CTR) is very important. So create unique Thumbnails, appealing titles and so on…

I wish you the best of luck and don’t fear anything, just go for it. Maybe you are such a creative minded person, that you will become a Social Media star in no time. No ones knows, so just go for it :smiley:

I am not that successful but I managed to get a little Fanbase with YT (26.000)


thank you so much! What’s your channel I’ll suscribe sounds so interesting


oh thank you so much, you should do ted talks bc you inspired me a lot! Thank you I’ll suscribe to you channel :orange_heart:


Don’t let anyone discourage you! however, make sure you take time mentally if things get to much, as after a while sometimes views and likes can get to you. Make youtube videos for the content and if you have good content you will grow and gain a following, nothing happens overnight stay persistent! :upside_down_face: good luck!!


thank youu sweetheart :orange_heart: I really appreciate your words.