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Advice on being funny and confident on byte

im a little self conscious, and worried that im not funny enough to be on byte. i really want to get big one day on it, and possibly make a little money off of it. how can i gain confidence to post and make videos??


What I do is I speak to the camera, and not focus on who’s watching. I post the videos that I would want to see and followers will naturally come if you’re genuine. don’t create vids that you aren’t happy with, success will come if you’re not searching for it.


Practice! Use your phone’s video camera to start making short funny videos, then watch the results and critique yourself and re-record to improve it.

Have you ever done acting or comedy before? If not, get on that! If you’re still in school, join the Drama Club if your school has one (I hope it does) or join a local community theatre group. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll feel in front of the camera.

As for the actual content, write down ideas and script them out. You don’t have to script dialogue word-for-word, but at minimum outline how the scene will progress and include any key dialogue. Then practice over and over until you get something you like. Show this to your family or friends to see their reactions. Ask them to give you an honest critique.

But if you ask for an honest critique you have to be prepared for negative feedback. It’s part of the process. You can’t let negative feedback discourage you. You won’t always hit the bullseye in every video, but you can get close the more you practice and the more you plan out things in advance. Professional actors and comedians face rejection and negative feedback all the time, but those who use that feedback to improve and don’t give up have a much better chance at succeeding.

But most importantly, you have to have fun! If it just feels like work or drudgery to you, then maybe comedy or acting isn’t your thing.

And let’s face it, not everyone is good at this. Actually, few are. But you won’t know if you’re one of the few until you give it a shot and don’t give up too quickly.


Honestly, the best advice I have is to just be yourself.

I made some videos that I would generally find funny and some that were not my usual type of humour. When I showed them to my siblings, they found the ones where I was being myself a lot funnier. This is because I was more comfortable and confident when filming those videos.


Imma also use all this advice on byte :sunglasses:


Im nervous too, ill use this advice


:point_up_2:Basically everything @TomWho said above :point_up_2:

My biggest fear is not being discovered/ supported. Knowing that I’m making good content but the spotlight never shines my way. And I have other friends who feel the same way too.
I take it one day at a time and only worry about what I can control.
But those feelings still happen…


Don’t make being discovered or getting famous the focus. Just make good content that you’d enjoy and have fun doing it. If you’re good at it and people like what you’re creating, you’ll reap the rewards. If not, at least you’re having fun and making yourself laugh. :slight_smile:

99.99% of the people who want to “get famous” will never get famous, so instead set realistic goals. Make 10 short videos that make your friends laugh their asses off (if you’re doing comedy). Or create a serial sketch comedy show and make it the best you can. If it’s good, people will respond. If not, oh well, you had fun doing it and probably made some new friends along the way.

Basically, don’t focus on the fame and adulation, focus on the creative process and having fun.


Gotchu fam, here’s my guide I made a while back on how to have confidence in yourself :blush:


We’re all nervous, remember that. Just be yourself and do what you enjoy. That’s the key to success.


I am jumping in with both feet. Blind folded. Do I know what I’m doing? No. Will I have fun doing it? Of course!! I can’t wait to start. I know that it will take time to improve. Looking back, my first videos will probably be ultimate cringe. But I’ll keep pushing to better myself. One suggestion: don’t read the comments. There is almost always one hater. But know I’ll be there to support you, ALL of you, throughout our time on Byte!


:pleading_face::heart: thank you

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Of course!

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Actually, you gotta read the comments. Interacting with those who leave comments can turn them into fans, and they really like when you interact with them. That means learning how to ignore the haters and giving more attention to the lovers. Part of the “job.” :slight_smile:


That’s also true. I guess I didn’t have any advice lol


I’m saving this whole thread, because I’m self conscious too :sob: don’t worry my friend. We will be the greatest some day :sneezing_face::clap:t5:


we will one day

The best part is that we have a head start on everyone else coz we’ll be the first to hear about it and make good content

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Start Instagram rn and start posting your videos on me you’ll regret it when byte comes out and you suck


I don’t think there’s actually much advantage to being early on an app like Byte. On Vine, lots of people who got started more than a year after it launched gained huge followings, like Lele Pons.

If you have some talent and produce content people want to see, you’ll gain a following no matter when you get started on an app.