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Advice for Social Media Marketing (Instagram)


Hey guys, so I try to post vine-like videos on my Instagram account, and I was wondering if there are any “marketing” tips anyone has so that more people can take a look at my content!

Are there “the best times” to post an Instagram video? Are there hashtags that work better than others? I’d love some advice or feedback! My Instagram is @heydaymccray if you want to take a look and offer advice.

Thanks guys, and I am still stoked a Dom’s new app might be a possibility!


I think if you’re looking for people who still want vines, you could used #'s like “vine” or “vines.”


yeah, that is what I am doing so far! Not sure if people know when the best times to post are, how to format my posts so that the right people see my videos, etc.


The best time probably varies what your time zone is.


Hey! I know a thing or two about Instagram marketing! First you gotta make a song that accidentally goes viral on SoundCloud. Then you have to release it on iTunes and Spotify and stuff. Then you have to make a few well crafted posts and promote them tirelessly and use the paid advertisement feature.
And have an Instagram manager who likes and comments on hundreds of posts every hour.
… JK that won’t happen twice.

Yes, actually there is a best time to post on Instagram. In your Insights tab it shows you what days and what times your followers are most active.
Make sure you carefully select a list of 8-15 tags that are relevant to your niche.
It also helps if you have clean, high quality, well edited content.


Make ur account to Business profile…that way you’ll have a good idea of the best times to posts etc


Yeah you get the Insights tab when you have a business profile


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well now that it’s been bumped ill provide a link to a website that has some data on when the best time to post is. you’re welcome in advance