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Adults welcome?


I got big on doing comedy through all the lip syncing stuff and I have to say it gets boring being 35 and told I should be dead and social media is for kids when 15 year old boys who bite their lip and rub there hair are considered Gods. Will adults doing quality content be just as important?


I think it depends what content you do and that’s crazy that you got big on, cool actually.


I don’t believe age should have anything to do with anything. If you make great content who cares how old you are. I want to see people of all ages making content here.


categorize this as question please:)

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Hope us Old People are welcome! As one of the original (app that must not be named) dads I’m really looking forward to V2! Fresh start for everyone and we’re pumped about it. Is pumped still a thing? Am I being too Dad right now?

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I don’t think age is really relevant. Just make whatever content you want and anything can happen! Every platform kind of grows it’s own general ‘niche’, so it’ll just kind of happen as it happens, y’know?Anyway congrats on your success over on, hope thins work out for you!

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As I Dad I just air high fived you and we played air guitar together :grinning:

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I’m on Unlike JellyBeanTV, I didn’t get big on the app, I’d say I got medium. I’ve been featured a bunch of times mostly for my timelapse, travel videos plus a few comedy videos.

I don’t think age matters as long as you post good content. It will be interesting to see who comes over from to v2 and does well. A good number of the top stars there don’t create original content, they just lip sync to someone else’s song or comedy skit. It’s fun, but gets tiring seeing the same stuff over and over.

From what I’ve read so far, I think v2 could be a better fit for the type of videos I create. I love the fact that users on the app are going to be called Artists.


@JellyBeanTV I don’t see why not, look at Jason Nash. He was an older guy who was big on vine. I think thats great that you made a following on Musically and I think you will be able to do it on V2 without the disrespect you have been getting from the Musically platform. Can’t wait to see some of your content. :+1:

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YES omg please don’t not post content just people people are teasing you for being old. EVERYONE should be allowed to post on V2! Can’t wait to see what u make


Generally trying to make it big on social media as an adult is incredibly difficult now. Most companies are tyring to appeal to a younger age demographic since they’re the future. When companies want to do that, their best bet is to have other teens/young adults become popular. Adult’s times on social media is starting to come to a stop, unless you’re a well established celebrity or you make ONLY child-friendly/relatable content, which would be difficult to do as an adult.

#13 have more kids and teens then adults and that can lead to hate because of the mentality people have.

I think v2 will be different on that, since it has no age focus because everyone can create everything they want, either they are old or young and everyone have the oportunity to shine in their own way.


This. There are plenty of adults who make amazing content and it seems like a lot of people of a variety of ages enjoy. However if there’s only one small group of age that takes up a majority, that might lead to an issue.

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Pretty sunny day


Old topic, but I’ll comment anyway. I think it’ll be great for the app to have diversity between ages. A hurdle for not-as-young people is they may be considered “old.” Teens too face a hurdle, like the teen girls who only have followers because of their looks, or teen guys also based on looks. Hopefully byte sticks to CONTENT and not age or appearance.

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Only 30adults


What about 38 year old adults?


37 is ok, 38 is too old


be yourself no matter what.

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