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Ads or monetization?


Instagram and Snapchat have worked this out with their story feature. Every so often a short and easily stoppable ad will appear, giving the app profit to sustain itself. Do you guys think byte will implement this feature? :thinking:


Don has stated that the creators will be able to monetize on Byte, but it is something that has to be worked on and updated over time. Ads seem to be the most realistic, reliable, and efficient way to make money, both for the app and the creators, so I’m sure it will be implemented later.

For now, what they have to focus on is engagement and marketing. Once the app has enough audience, then they can have the companies run the ads on the app.


You don’t need to worry about this yet, just have fun and just trust that Dom and the team will sort the best possible solution out in time he also said that select people will get invited to make money probably to test it out


Yey to monetization, it would be interesting to see how it would be implemented in a 6 second video platform

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maybe something like instagram where users can post on instagram and it says in partnership with so and so brand.

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remember v**e? that couldnt turn a profit because ads just didnt fit in. thats exactly why twitter shut it down

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I think they will, the question is how effective it will be and will it be sustainble like a FB ad, or adwords. If they can do something like that, this platform has a bright future.


Honestly, most ads on Youtube do not get watched in full if they are over 6 seconds. So, since Byte is only 6 seconds, I think an ad between bytes can work.

People can watch 6 second ads, if they are longer, people skip them anyway on Youtube.


i personally think the best way would be when you’re scrolling on byte there are some ads u know

kinda like instagram


but how would the byters be compensated through this method?

are the ads being broadcasted on thier profile pages?

so like…if i find @x funny and i go through his profile to watch all his bytes…an ad would pop in in the middle?


Hey that’s actually a really good point.


Something like that. Ads can pop up between bytes, so if I am on your profile and looking at your Bytes, maybe after 3 loops or bytes, an ad can show up, and since it is only 6 seconds, I should be able to watch it, and you get a portion of the revenue.

I don’t know, this is just my idea, and I’m sure Dom and his team will work on this.


Thank you, I asked this kind of too but no one answered…


i think there should be stories for mutals, and have the ads in there, rather than in the core feature of the app. imaging how annoying an ad every 20 seconds would be. money should go to creators by sponsors, without goin through byte because it opens up a whole lot of issues and extra wasted time. i doubt theres gonna be ads at all due to the fact dom refused working on them for v**e

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This was discussed in the first bulletin. lol
Monetization will be invite only in the beginning. But I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to do sponsored posts like the vine days too.

Good content comes first tho.


I completely agree

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