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Added "condensed" forum themes


These themes make the text on the post listing a little smaller and reduce padding. They’re available in both default and dark mode. Themes can be set by visiting your user preferences. Click your avatar in the top right, then click the gear icon to get there.

49 AM

Profile layout

thank you dom


Love the dark theme!


The dark theme is already a favorite :joy:


It’s great! I love it


dom is always helping, appreciate it man :):blush:


thanks @dom, now how bout some breakfast


“Condensed Dark” :wink:


You right :sweat_smile::joy:


My eyes thank you. To hell with bright interfaces.


@pasquale if you want to add some alternate dark mode colors… by all means. :slight_smile:


I gotchu fam


Ok dude, I started on it. It still has a few rough edges, but here’s a picture

Still need to catch some missing styles… but try it out


new theme is added! the name is Saturn by Thinko. thank you @pasquale


these are beautiful


I am actually in love with this theme, thanks my man


same 12 char


That’s so pretty, also I see myself so I felt like I had to respond :joy: