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Account Deletion Process for byte


I’ve always thought that the process for deleting an electronic account for any service should be easy to access and to request. I think that if byte implemented this process, it would be beneficial in the long run since the majority of users on byte would be active users. :busts_in_silhouette:

Here’s my take on how users should be able to delete their byte accounts:

  1. Go to a URL that redirects the user to an account deletion page (from byte’s website, preferably.)
  2. Fill out account credentials (username and password.) :writing_hand:
  3. Present the user with a program that makes sure the user is human. :no_entry_sign::robot:
  4. Ask for the reason behind the user wanting to delete their account (there should be an option where the user can say they don’t want to specify.) Make it clear that their selection is anonymous. :thinking:
  5. Present the user with one last pop up asking them if they are sure about the decision they are about to make. :flushed::question:
  6. If the user says they’re sure, they are left with a confirmation page that says they have successfully requested their byte account to be deleted and that their account will be permanently deleted in a specific number of days (no more than 30 days, no less than 5 days) in case they change their mind. If they say they’re not sure, they will be redirected to the homepage of byte’s website. :wave:

I’d say that it would be useful to have the option to do this from the app, but I feel like that would take up space that could be used for other features. What do you think?



Totally agree!



This is how it should be done in every app :ok_hand:

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is this not how every app does it



Nope! That’s why I wanted to talk about it. There are some services that make you go through really long wait times to delete your account in order to tempt you into giving up and staying with your account. One popular example of this is making the user email a support team and making you wait for their reply. :email:

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i’m almost certain this is what apps like fb ig and twitter all do, same as youtube as far as i remember



Most of the major platforms we know today do have a user-friendly account deletion process, but not all of them. (Don’t want to mention any specific companies, but if you search a little bit on the web, you will probably find a few.)

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very nice

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Very good post and I’m not even saying that sarcastically lol :+1:

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I hope this is there since it’s needed with many big apps

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Oh alright i can finally delete my account! Looks like i can get off the forums for goo- oh this is for byte?.. well… shit.

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