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Able to go live with fans and friends


I Think it would be cool to go live like Instagram on byte with friends and fans! What about you guys?


Yeah I’d like that


that would be cool




Many topics similar to this one :slight_smile:


Living with friends for some time would be awesome. It would be a mess but woah


Sounds like a lot of people are thinking the same ! :laughing::grinning:


lmao i thought that too

its live *as in like Instagram live lol


ive said this many times to this n ill say it again

no thx. it won’t be unique and will take that shine away. so many other apps have this


True I understand where you’re coming from


I don’t really know what it takes on the coding and costs to implement live streaming, but if they could I would enjoy it! It helps to connect the audience to the creator as an actual human. Streaming could invite only just to save on bandwidth (I said bandwidth but i honestly have no idea, I just assume it take up lots of server power.)


Yea I would just be my self on live and if anyone has like questions or such I’d awnser it would be like the real me that’s why I think live would show the audience the straight up side of you I’d love there to be a “go live “ option but it may be a mess and yes a lot of other apps are doing it but they are doing it for a reason lol