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A survey (link inside)


This isn’t for anything in particular right now. But if you have a few minutes, I’d appreciate if you filled it out.

Dom been very active on here lately

on it. :grin::grin:


Done!! :white_check_mark:


I filled it out. Thank you for being more active on here.


I’ve completed it, Dom. I was thinking of completing it in more detail but I wasnt sure whether you wanted an essay on why I loved V*ne :grimacing:


agh ok let me try, i hope it goes well


Done and I feel you, I felt like I kinda made an essay too :joy: but I hope whatever this is for my response will hopefully be helpful :smile:


I made my short and to the point. Just like the V*** videos! :slight_smile:


Filled out and submitted. While it may be gone, the spirit lives on inside of us forever.


Dom should make a twitter diss track.


Done! :upside_down_face:


Already filled it out! :slightly_smiling_face::memo:




Alrighty man. Done


what I wrote about v*** was better than my English speech test :joy:


Done and Done


Done hope this means something later :smile:


Sorry I wrote so much!!


Everyone wrote sooo much, but I only wrote like 2 sentences because I thought there was like some kind of limit… I feel bad now :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


i just realised i was having loadssss of birthday luck yesterday, and this is one of the many great things that happened yesterday!!! thank you dom!!!