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A little ranting


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There wasn’t much to talk about before the name was released, so activity on the forum died down a bit.


It happens, people lose hope then…that very hope that they lost creates a spark and then re-ignites the fire back

I’m glad either way♥️


Can you really blame them tho? I mean it’s a shame they didn’t stick around but as thekinghusker said,


solid argument. personally i was listening to nick colletti’s podcast and they talked about v2 so i got hyped again and decided to check the forums again after not looking at it for months. i was disappointed about it being near-cancelled so i didnt want to look back on the forums to reignite hope for something that wasnt confirmed to be released. didnt know the name was gonna be announced today. you’re right, forgive me :pray:


Yeah i guess your right.


I forgive you Satan♥️

(Never thought I’d say those words)






There’s no need to be forgiven. You didn’t do anything wrong. I understand that now. It was th same with me, except looking at the postponed news made me wanna look at the forums even more to see if there was any change or updates and to see how the people were doing with these news, but I came back a few months earlier and I’ve coming on a lot (lurking at first) then actually commenting and replying to topics.


Happens with every update you get use to it


:confused: I know I for one have been lurking. Theres not a lot to talk about, and Im sure lots of others feel the same. Of course people will flood back once info is released. Surely we dont want the app to be used by only the 100 users who are stable here? (And lets be honest its mainly closer to 15/20.) Its frustrating for people flooding in like “gIvE mE bEtA” or “I NEED this username” but theres no harm in coming back to be hyped


I don’t see why that should be a bad thing? I left the forum because there was nothing (at the moment) interesting about it, but now i see that i was wrong and there’s a lot of people posting and suggesting interesting stuff to the app.


Everyone is welcome (old or new). I understand that the influx may have surprised you, but there’s certainly no reason to be disappointed in another persons excitement. Try not to judge others for not being active or here since day one, try to be supportive and help if you can and feel comfortable in doing so. Things will likely keep changing on here, we are really working to make something positive and we really would appreciate everyone (old/new) helping in that effort. :sunny:


^^^^^^ Everyone is welcome. :slight_smile: