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A little note


not every social media creator name (youtuber, viner, instagrammer, etc) needs to end in -er

don’t worry about byt-er


I like byter, but ye


Does this have something to do with my post


some people think it’s too close to “biter”, which does carry a negative connatation


no, not necessarily
i’ve seen quite a few comments like:

“biters”? “byters”? “crocodiles”?

so i just wanted to point out that -er isn’t exactly set in stone just yet lol


ya dom said that the community would be the ones to choose the creater term and by knowing what the community will probably be like, the term might be byter :joy:


to be completely honest, that’s exactly what i’m predicting to happen lmao

hopefully it doesn’t stir up too much trouble though :sweat_smile:


Tru, but I feel like we could reinvent it like the word Vine did.



edit: the more I think about it the more I like it actually.