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A Guy on YouTube claiming Byte will Fail/succeed/survive


Okay did anyone know about this guy?.
At first he was bashing Byte all over for being a new platform and being low paced
But later he started talking about why it’ll be a successful app in the year 2019.
I think the hype for byte is already in move .
Guys let’s stay together ? Let’s take this app and get to the unknown heights. And let’s make good content !
Just wanted to thank the byte staff @cami_p @michael @MattFogarty
Specially @dom thank you for all you’ve done. We all will always be grateful for your vision :gift_heart:


Confused… it seems a bit clickbaity

I guess he’s just saying what could go right and what could go wrong, but Idk


heyy nice a byte vid


People can say whatever they want, we know byte anyways will succeed


I watched the video a while ago and don’t remember exactly what he said, but I think he made some valid points regarding certain issues that could arise on byte.


BLAH BLAH BLAH. lol Byte will be amazing. I’m just happy to be apart of something so incredible.


“i knew byte was going to fail”

sis… the app hasn’t even come out yet…


Not gonna give him the decency of ad revenue


I watched this vid … not so long ago, he made some really valid points and also stated as to what the real legal issues could be with Byte.

In the end he states that he thinks Byte will succeed and will be the next big thing.

I recommend you guys watch his video :slight_smile:


He’s the type of guy to say “Byte Me” in the thumbnail and criticize Byte but will make punny Bytes and try to get famous


happy bday music!


Yes, I saw the video and also comment something and he replied to me


Byte WILL succeed! #ByteFam


that bytes


wtf does he mean “i knew”
the app hasn’t even released yet how do you even “know”???

(i just realized someone posted the same thing)


why do people with such little knowledge of the app talk about it

if your gonna talk about it atleast do more research :rage:


I hate the fact the app isn’t even out yet, and he’s made a video titled like that.


“Attention seeker” hopefully it’ll succeed.


I watched that before. Yea, the first statements are a bit of alarming to me and I was about to share it here but later on he said that it will succeed. Yea it’s really clickbaity.

I’m triple claiming it. We will succeed with Byte #hypeforbyte