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A big thank you to the Byte Community


I just wanted to thank all of y’all for this great community. Even though i am not that active on this forum, i get a sense of a strong and very respectful community, also the Discord channel of byte is great, so join them as well.

I am pretty sure that Byte will blow up like Vine did in the past, thanks to this great community. I know that we have so many creative minds up in this, and also a great team behind on it which are trying to create a great platform for the world to share.

So long story short, Thank you :heart:


Glad to have you here buddy!

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Same here bro. I’m so excited for us! :pray:#ByteFam

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Not really active in here as well, but I totally agree! It’s been really cool seeing everyone interact on the forums, there’s a good sense of community.


Welcome @Imnotkeegan


My meme threads saved the forums

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Welcome maaan


I’m so excited to see what byte and it’s creators bring, so I couldn’t agree with you more on this!

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so cute, the byte community it’s really strong and I’m so overhyped about what’s coming!!!

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Awesome stuff man! #ByteFam

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Honestly I’m glad that for once I have some real followers here on this forum. Glad to be part of this community

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