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24-hour beta signup starts now


Pixel 2XL on Android Pie. Usually participate in dev previews and can provide detailed feedback/logs, as I’m an android developer myself.


Pixel 2 XL on Pie! Im super excited for byte!!


you joined an hour ago… it says whoever joined before this post was created.


Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) uwu so excitement


I have a OnePlus 5 running 8.1.0. would be happy to test the app!


Ahhh, dang it, missed that part. Never got around to making an account on the forums before, been a longtime follower on Twitter though.


Galaxy s9
I’m bisexual, hi.


this comment will be hidden among the history of the new social media app that blew up.


iPhone Xs Max! Best of luck to everyone that is going to be a creator on byte!!


ur not gonna be in it you just joined dont people read?


ur not gonna be in it read the post again


IPhone 6


hey!! i’m on the iphone xr running on ios 12.1.1 and i’ve been hyped about this for so long


My name is Devon and I use a iPhone XS Max.


It’s ya boi ganon. I’m running my operations off of an IPhone XS Max


Samsung galaxy S5 neo
I can’t wait to make awesome funny videos that I can share with people


My device is an iPhone 7 & I exist solely for mangos- ITS ALSO MY BIRTHDAY TODAY. Yea that’s it just need to get that out there bc I crave attention okay bYe homies hope ur all thriving & I can’t wait for byte.


iPhone 6s iOS 12.1


I singed the other list, but have gotten no news. So I’m guessing its ok to also add my name to this?
Phone: Iphone 5s


uh no one has gotten news :face_with_raised_eyebrow: no need to reply on here if you already have replied on the other one.