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24-hour beta signup starts now


I have an iPhone 8 and I’ve been waiting for this app for years now haha!


Samsung Galaxy J7 V


iPhone 7


I’m happy to be able to participate in the testing.

I’m using iPhone 6+.


I use a iPhone 6s Plus


i got an iphone 6 and my software is ios 12.1 !!


iPhone 6 Plus
iPad 2018
IOS 12.1

Thank You


iPhone X


iPhone XR, video editing artist, counting on audio beat detection capabilities to create seamless loops coordinated to edited footage.


My name is radii and I have an iPhone 6


redmi note 5 pro, android 8.0 I’m p sure


Device is IPhone X
I am a Video editor
iOS 11.4


My device is an iPhone 7 running iOS 12.1


I’m on an iPad Air 2, and using iOS 12.1.1 and I also have an iPhone 7 just in case you need to know.


iPod Touch 6th Gen Running IOS 12.1
Hope this turns out well.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4


I WANNA MAKE A NAME OF MYSELF (in comedy) / iphone 8


I use a Samsung S8.


I have an iPhone SE and I just like memes I guess :joy::joy:


I’m on an iPhone 8 Plus.