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24-hour beta signup starts now


My device is the iPhone 8! Can’t wait to get creating on BYTE! Been waiting to test out the beta and get a feel for everything.


Samsung galaxy s8


I’ve got an Iphone 6 :smiley: as for anything else I’d like to share, I’ve always wanted to get into video editing (like the ones you see on instagram) but my laptop can’t run after effects ^^;


IPhone 6s - Hope beta will be lit


Hi, I have an iPhone XS and would love to be part of the beta! Thank you!


iPhone XR can’t wait!!


I dono whether if only it’s for IOS but anyways… :thinking:
I’m an Android user. Realme 1… Atleast for now


iPhone 6s.

Greetings from Turkey :tr: . Been using vine since day one, witnessed the evolving of vine and becoming the most popular app in iOS. I believe vine era will keep going from where it’s left with byte.
Edit: totally forgot that I sent a reply to previous beta admission. I hope this won’t cause any issue, i don’t want to remove my words about vine and byte.


iPhone 6 and iPod Touch 6G


iPhone X, my friends and I are super funny, and I’m excited for Byte!!


iPhone 6s, thanks


I have an LG Stylo 3 running Android 7.0


I have a BLU Vivo XI+ running Android 8.1


But I’m curious about the realease period of the beta… Will it be next month? Or Feb?


There is no timing for it. READ THE POST AT THE TOP. She says there is no date

“There is still no timeline on when invites will start to go out”


iPhone SE, planning to upgrade to at least a 7 soon!!! Sign me up!


I have an iPhone 8 Plus and would like to be on the beta team


iPhone 8 Plus

Thank you so much for this opportunity!


My phone is an IPhone 7 Plus and I’m from Argentina so I can try how servers work here!


Im using an iPhone 5s, updated to most recent iOS version (ik it’s so old) & so excited for byte : )