the byte community forums

24-hour beta signup starts now


or u could always post on ur own accounts but ok sis go off x


Samsung Galaxy S8+ :grin: I’m really excited about Byte !




iPhone X


iPhone 6s


iPhone 7 Plus and am a comedian/actor excited to get my byte on!


Gonna have to wait but still plz put me on the list.


iPhone SE

edit: Thank you so much for letting us have this opportunity again! :smiley:


iPhone 6s (you can pry my aux from my cold dead hands)

I will always stop in my tracks for vine appreciation threads or mega videos — I believe the original format is responsible for so many of the preferences the online generation has, including Snapchat, Stories, GIFs as culture, etc.

As an artist I am excited to be part of the next generation of creation


Hey! I use an iPhone X and I’m a social media producer for a major news network. I was a major Vine enthusiast and would love to try out Byte. :slight_smile:


Phone: Huawei P20 Lite
I have been here for so long but sadly missed the first one, hope I get in this one!:grinning:


I am on a Motorola Moto G 3 (Released in 2015, Android 6.0.1, 1GB ram, 1280x720p display). While I am no expert in bug hunting, I do have some experience with it.


I have 2 phones. One is a an iPhone 8+ (running iOS 12.1.1) and the other is a Samsung S8+ (running 8.0.0)

I primarily use the iPhone. I go by AshleyZoeFox on all social media and I am a Youtuber. My Youtube channel is at

I really want to be one of the beta testers / early adopters for this project. I was one of the early signups when you created the v2 forums. I am very eager for this.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, MIUI 10, Android 8.1.0


Hi! Samsung S7 here


Hello! Running IOS 12.1.1 on my iPhone 8 (Model # MQ722LL/A)


Hello, my name is Jonas McDonald and I use my iPhone X. I love making comedic content.


So glad I saw this cuz I missed the first one but I’ve been here since Jan lol. I am currently using an iPhone 7 :sweat_smile:


say that again i didnt hear u the first time?


iPhone XS -Josh Constine