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24-hour beta signup starts now


I have an iPhone 7+, you can check my registration date and i’ve been here on the forums since the beginning! Very excited!


Samsung A7 (2017) 'cuz I’m broke


iPhone Xs Max
iOS 12.1


iPhone 6.


I signed up for the October one but how do i know that I’m on the list.


I am on iOS 12.1 using an iPhone X. Psyched to test it out!


iPhone X iOS 12.1


I would be guessing you’re already on the list (:


iPhone X - iOS 12.1
I’m a Content Manager at a Social Content Agency. Was an absolutely massive fan of Vine!


iPhone 7+


:warning: Reminder: If you already entered the first signup, please don’t enter into this one. :warning:

How To Check If You Signed Up For The First

Go to the first thread (Click here), click the search bar, check the box that says “Search This Topic” and type your username. If it gives you a result, it means you have already posted in the first one


me nokia 8 android so cant wait for this


OnePlus 3T


Lenovo p2. Love you guys.
Hope I ll get the beta.


iPhone X, 11.3.1
I’m from United Arab Emirates
speak English and Arabic.
could reflect arabs point of view
and i do tech review in Arabic


iPhone 6s :)))))


iPhone 6s


iphone 8, ipod 6th gen, ipad mini 2. Thank’s for the second chance,. missed the first :smiley:


I’m on iPhone 8, and I can’t wait to make and watch some mad loops :sparkles:


iPhone XS Max, would love to take a byte out of this (sorry sorry I’m trying to delete it)

also I’m a social media manager for a decently sized restaurant brand with an audience that will probably overlap pretty well, if that counts for anything