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24-hour beta signup starts now


iPhone 7+ here, and I’ll make sure to keep up with IOS updates :^)


I’m using a Droid Turbo and I’m an artist/Cosplayer!


I am on my iPhone 7+


iPhone 7


Hello !
My phone is an Honor 10 on EMUI 8.1


I’m on my iPhone X and I would LOVE to get in the beta!!


Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPad Mini 2



iPhone 7 can’t wait!


Im on an IPhone 8.

Good looks :slight_smile:


Samsung S9 Plus, thanks!


My device is a Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus (Android 8)


i have an iPhone SE


My device is an iPhone X


iPhone SE


iPhone 8 Plus


Samsung Galaxy S8+
Android 8.0


We have many devices but we will go with the iPhone 8+.


iPhone SE (aka smol)

Thank y’all for opening this again. I’ve been kicking myself because I missed the first round :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait to be an itsy bitsy byter :heart:


iPhone 8 Plus and my iOS is 12.1


@desert you have already entered in the first sign up :slight_smile: