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24-hour beta signup starts now


At the moment, I’m running an iPhone XR.

Thank you so much for doing this, I missed the last beta signup & was pretty bummed out, so it’s awesome that you’re doing beta signups again <3


iOS 12.1.1 iPhone 7 256gb


i am on an iPhone 8 plus!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Also run social media for a medium-size university in the US.


“artist” lol jk, so many people say that to me lol, anyway, how do you know you got on the list?


Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus :smile:


Ay! …calm down ok.

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I have an iPhone 6S. I’m really looking forward to Byte and all the new things we will create!


iPhone X
soo excited!!


iPhone 8
I can’t wait I love making things cinematic


iPhone XS

Can’t wait to do this!

Also, run my own social media agency.


iPhone 7. I have IOS 12.1.1 and I’m super excited for this app!!!


I have an iPhone 10 and iPhone 6s

One week in w/ byte + beta plans
One week in w/ byte + beta plans
One week in w/ byte + beta plans

Hey! I have an iPhone 6. I commented on the last one kinda late so I’m not really sure if it counted? So I’m replying to this one juuuuust in case. Thx!


IPhone 6, IOS 12. Super hyped!


Iphone 6 IOS 12.1 :heart_eyes:


iPhone 8+ on 12.1


Samsung S8