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24-hour beta signup starts now





@pugplug chill out you don’t have to be rude to them




Device: iPhone 6

I am a Portrait / Fashion Photographer / Videographer.

You can check out my work here


ur not smart check the post u are too late (nice pics tho)


it said 24hours and there is still 7 hours left so what did I miss?


@pugplug please make sure to follow the forum faq when replying to topics.

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i apoligize for the 1st one but the second one is my nicest way of saying things like this but i am tryna help yall out tho ill flag it but cmon u gotta agree that they arent smart right?


Device: iPhone 7+
Version running: IOS 12.1.1

I used to make YouTUBE videos but had to give a break for reasons such as school and the (pardon my language) stupid YouTUBE algorithm which didn’t let me grow.

Byte could be a fresh start for me in my journey and I would love to be a part of this amazing community which I’m already in love with (especially the guys on the official Discord server).


Could you elaborate what I missed? :slight_smile: and thanks


you need to have signed up before today :frowning:


i will go back and flag em tho dw we good <3


joined 8 minutes ago?? really.


My phone is an iPhone 6 S. I’ve been making and sharing quality lofi edits since before the shutdown.


I’m using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (running Android 8.0.0)


Ok, thanks then!


IPhone X, running iOS 12.1


ah that’s my bad then. I just skimmed through the paragraph cuz I was at school :sob::sob: :sob:


can u find the problem in this statement?


can you all start reading properly. it clearly says for users who JOINED BEFORE this post was made. you won’t bypass that. you’re giving dom and the team more work.