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24-hour beta signup starts now


Hi forum friends! Calling anyone who missed the first signup. Now’s your chance.

Respond to this thread with your device type (e.g. iPhone Xs), and anything else you’d like to share, and we’ll add you to the first public beta of the new app. You will also receive a special badge/reward in the app. There is still no timeline on when invites will start to go out (see this post), but know that we’re working on it.

If you replied to the last one, please don’t add to this thread. We have you on the list! This is for our friends who missed Dom’s October post. Only those who were registered before today qualify. Please make sure the email listed on your profile on these forums matches the email you’d like to receive the invite at. Do NOT post your email here.

We’ll close this thread in about 24 hours.

Thank you for your support and encouragement so far! We couldn’t do this without you.

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My Device is an iPhone 8 Plus and I am a DJ and Producer Under the name Killfavr!


I am on iOS 11.2.6 and using an iPhone 7 Plus.


Google Pixel 2 XL


IPhone 6s


Hello I am an Android user I am using a Lenovo K6 phone I don’t know if that makes a diffrence but okay


Google Pixel 2 XL


I’m using my iPhone 7+ and I’m so excited and ready !!! :grinning:


I’m using iOS 12.1 on iPhone X.


Iphone SE
Huawei P10 Pro


(Edited 27th December 2018 as IPhone SE is now my primary phone)


My device is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Can’t wait for the beta!


iPhone XR


I use an iPhone SE running iOS 12! Can’t wait for Byte!


iPhone 8+!


iPhone 7+


IPhone 6S on iOS 12.1.1


I have an iPhone SE running on iOS 12.1.1


Should we use the Link on Bytes Twitter? or do we not need too


iPhone 8!


I’m using iOS 12.1.1 and using an iPhone XS Max.