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🤯 1000+ user's already! Get in early on Yuser NOWWWW


Hello everyone!

Yuser has be live to the public for a few weeks now and is seeing great results. After a successful closed beta launch we are happy to open the app up to the public.

What is Yuser? Easy, Yuser is a rewards-based social network, where instead of likes users gift content they enjoy. Through the gems (in-app currency) that they are gifted users can exchange them for products or digital assets (such as our crypto token, or in-app features like sticker packs, filters etc), which will allow users to earn off of what they post.

Wait? You’ve heard this before? Sure, but what Yuser brings that other similar networks don’t is gamification! Through our gamification methods users can further experience the app through completing challenges where they can equip powers that help their content and others do well on the network.

We are currently working through compliance on our token, but this doesn’t mean you can’t start reaping the benefits of the app now!

You can download the app from the Play Store and App Store as well.

For more information, please visit

See you soon!

Mike Simpson

Director of Community Operations


Holy cow Mike! I knew we had a lot of users on the app, but that’s crazy!
(Fixed your title so the emoji is now shown).


Already a 1000 :scream:?? Congrats!!


Thanks man!


yeeee! thanks to all your musical covers aha


Wow 1 thousand already? That’s awesome!! Yuser is so much fun to use and I’m loving every minute of it! Congrats Mike!


Oh please :joy: but really, it’s so much fun and I can feel it going very far!!


Congrats Mike! That’s impressive :heart:


Thanks to all of our early Yuser’s for making this happen :slight_smile:


Yuser is picking up speed. I know this because your website is already blocked on my high school’s network


aha, the true sign of popularity!


So true. Was blocked at my summer workplace, must just be a bad handle or something.


Schools and workplaces block social sites to avoid the distraction typically aha


Nice job! I love seeing beginner projects grow into something astounding!


Really happy for you man, how do you intend to keep growing? I would love to see you guys reach 10,000!


A mix of different marketing channels (ads, events and influencers).


Thank you!


just downloaded :eyes:


Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your content trend!