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An update on things (2)

Hey all, I thought it’d be nice to take a break from the cryptic stuff and give you a clear update. I don’t want to get into everything that factored into my decision to postpone the V2 project, but suffice to say ther…

Taking a step back (1)

Hey everyone, I didn’t expect to write this even a few weeks ago, but I’ve made the very difficult decision of postponing the V2 project for an indefinite amount of time. There are several reasons for this, including a…

Regarding Artists & Creators (1)

Two things: The term we’re using in the service for creators is “artists”. Besides being indicative of what they’re making, it’s classically what they’re referred to in most industries and is just more respectful. Ple…

Beta, Release Date, Usernames (1)

We haven’t committed to a release date, are not yet running a beta program, and don’t have anything in place that allows anyone to reserve their username on v2. It’s likely that both the beta enrollment program and user…

About the name (1)

Please refer to the service only as v2 or V2. Posts using the wrong name may be edited or deleted. Because some of our team founded and worked on Vine, it’s reasonable to assume that there might be a formal connection, …

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